Where Love Goes Beyond Skin Colour

Illustrated by Red Lotus Designz

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About Amor Oscuro Lenormand

Inspired by real life events, this tells the story of an interracial couple through 36 symbolic messages.

Originally published in 2016 before it was discontinued, the deck was brought back to life after numerous amount of messages from the spiritual community who wanted to see Amor Oscuro Lenormand available.

Fun facts - Amor Oscuro Lenormand was a nominee for the 2016 Tarosophists Annual Tarot Divination Awards and received a wonderful deck review from Benebell Wen (author of Holistic Tarot).

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Hand drawn Illustrations

Each card was lovingly crafted with care while taking note of the nostalgic and poetic memories.

Quick Start Guide

Easy to read booklet that contains card meanings to help you get started with your Lenormand readings.

Easily Integrate With Tarot / Oracle Cards

You can add your Lenormand cards to give more clarity when combining with your favourite decks during your readings.

Love the deck?

Send me your snapshots & reviews of Amor Oscuro Lenormand by tagging me at @redlotusdesignz using the hashtag #amoroscurolenormand on social media. Or, you can send me an e-mail here.

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